The creation of all my Wandering Thoughts

I’ve always dreamed of a better life filled with love and happiness. Back when I was a child I loved to dream, still do. But the difference nowadays is that I’m willing to risk sharing to gain feedback, good or bad in order to grow as a person and as an artist of sorts. As a child I used to destroy all my efforts out of tremendous fear, I didn’t want anyone to know how I felt, what I thought for I could not risk opening myself up to criticism of any kind. I’ve grown since, realizing that in order to grow as a person, in order to help others, in order to change opinions you must risk exposing your ideas. Back in 2007, while I was working on the road with the Shrine Circus tour in Eastern Canada, I once again picked up my pen and began to again write from my dreams perspective as I did in childhood. The difference was that I was now able to embrace the pursuit with an open mind, heart and share what I could generate by giving these items away freely, without strings of attachment or ownership to help others. No, I do not discuss the actual gifts given only the journey and concept of it. Reasons are many, but to sum it up, when you give from your heart, freely you cut all strings of ownership, therefore, there exists no proof of your benevolence. Furthermore, the folks you give a hand to trust that you’d not share the knowledge for they build their lives around the gifts given without including any mention of receiving help. I tested myself, my art and helped many wonderful people, without taking advantage of the process in any way, shape or form. Trust is after all earned over time, not given as a gift freely. I have retained most of my art to develop as an artist. In order to grow as such, I’ve been retaining my efforts since 2010 up to and including today for personal development. The challenge that I now must face, is simply framing myself with my creativity and confronting the world through this process. The term and title of Wandering Thoughts came into existence a long time ago, this is the name I chose for all of my journals past and present.