Wandering Thoughts BUZZ

We think through greed rather than love. Our future resides in our present founded upon our past. If we embrace each other as equals, we can overcome all of our differences. Thus we would save ourselves. Should we not, we will become extinct by our own hands.

How is this achieved? Common rules, common laws and common sense. Adopt a single constitution, my preference is the US Constitution for it is a wonderful document. Apply it towards and against the common rules of law. Further, it’s false to think in the terms of debt and its collection. The people own the treasury, not the few over the many. The EU is correct in its path towards equality amongst nations.

Again, this has been known for awhile. Look upon Star Trek and the Federation of Planets for a prime example. Life is too precious to throw away in the pursuit of great wealth. Our true wealth is in life itself and its infinite value.