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Hourglass Eyes

Time spent upon reflectionsLosses take their tollIt’s hard to face rejectionNegatives corrupt one’s soulWisdom is gained through perceptionWhen using hourglass eyes Chasing illusions filled with dreamsReality comes as the money goesLife is a circus of choices madeAs we fight to maintain controlEach action faces its oppositeUntil you have nothing at allPrisons made by our own [read more]

Broken Windows

Shopping through a broken window.Stuck behind a closed door.Empty stares; broken dreams.Depression bites some more. Hallways with locked doors.A window with a view.Faces change; events rearrange.Pick yourself up once more.Misperception with perception.Reality with a “kiss”.Thoughts arrange; paths change.Are you ready for more?Candy served after meal time.Stories told by the score.Phone rings; announcer sings.Visitors please use [read more]

My Devil Inside

How can I heal inside?Hanging onto my foolish pride?How I do waste awayNot sharing what I can sayIn silence I do hideI find it hard to confideTrust is a serious thingBut I give away nothingHow I ignore my painThat drives me quite insaneWhy can’t I share my art?Because I simply fear my heartSlowly I embrace [read more]

Puppet On A String

Moving in all directionsA puppet on a stringWhen the master pullsYou get into the swingYou don’t control a single thing Age has taken it’s tollStill a puppet on a stringWhen the master pullsIts hard to get into the swingYaYou still don’t control a single thing Suddenly your time has comePlaced upon a shelfYour strings are [read more]

Peace Screams

As I lay restingTrouble follows me aroundAs she lay restingPeace screams; no sound She wanted to go dancingDrinking and to have funShe was now expectingI wanted to save someShe wanted her friendTo move right on inA house built on loveLet the end now begin As the moments passedThe further she walked awayLess did I now [read more]

He walked the line

He walked the line in his own good time… With his heart it lead himWith his eyes he did seeWith his master’s messageWith his love upon his sleeve He walked the line in his own good time… (Message verbal soft whisper):“We are all God’s children. We are all equal. We are all screw ups. We [read more]


United we standHelping childrenHand in handGod fearing menOne and allWith the beliefOne that is SupremeWatches over all Of every creedReligion and raceIgnorance is the battleThat they wage and faceSelfless do they serveTheir hearts, mindsEfforts all in the right placeSilence through action their strength Will society not hear their call?To make the world a better place [read more]

Through Her Eyes

I often sit and wonderHow I must lookThrough her eyes Every morning as I awakenI am greeted with her unconditional loveWhich is always patiently waitingWithout ever making a soundHow I must lookThrough her eyes As I put on many milesShe is always by my sideWatching everything go byOh how must I lookThrough her eyes As [read more]

Jaded Old Man

Every day as I walk alongMy path has run on for yearsTime waits for no oneAs I look back upon my lifeI realized “I do not recognize this man!”He has become a jaded old man Satisfaction in life is such an elusive thingHard to grab hold of what is unseenHow can you see where you [read more]