Annual Christmas Party

Sometimes dreams linger in your mind after you awake. This is one of those times and situations.

Imagine a holiday party where you’re the guest of honour! You receive an email invitation from your Masonic and Shrine brothers and sisters that warms the heart! You’re invited to attend the annual holiday party.

Suddenly, your mind goes back to your dream that you had the night previously. Imagine a scene of all your brothers and sisters sitting at triangular tables 3 per side lit by candle light, no music, no song you’re greeted with silence and all eyes are upon you. They all stand as you enter and as you pass through the main doors they close behind you almost silently. Simultaneously, at the far end of the room a door opens and you are greeted by all the brass and a large fire.

Now a normal person would not catch this but the annual party is being held at a posh local mortuary with a very large crematorium…

It is with a heart filled with deep regret that I must decline such a precious and warm invitiation…