As The Cuppola Turns

Living in the mountains had its disadvantages at times. This was one of those occasions.

It was a fog filled commute from working the overnight shift at a local hotel as a bellman. As Roscoe made his way home up the mountain he suddenly come upon a fallen tree blocking part of the road. As Roscoe veers swerves practicing his defensive driving he hits it anyways causing damage to his wife’s vehicle. “Wow, Ruby is gonna kill me when she sees this mess!” He mutters to himself under his breath. “I guess I should not have borrowed her vehicle since mine was already in the shop from an earlier accident.” Roscoe mutters again shaking his head. Well, it’s time to face Ruby.

Ruby was hard at work fixing breakfast when Roscoe pulls into the driveway the fog had already lifted so no hiding the damage from her view.

“Hi honey I’m home. I need to show you your vehicle, there was a fallen tree on the road that I came upon unexpectantly that I regret to say I hit damaging the side of the vehicle. Naturally, I will pay for the repairs dear.”

“That’s not the point Roscoe and you know it!” Ruby bellows tossing aside her cooking and turning off the stove. “I should have never agreed to allow you to use my vehicle, I should have drove to pick you up instead! Give Me back My keys!” Roscoe appologizes handing her back the vehcile keys.

Roscoe cleans up the mess in the kitchen while Ruby was outside inspecting her vehicle and the damage the tree caused. Needless to say, Ruby was not happy nor impressed with Roscoe.

“I will call the autobody repair shop myself!!!” Bellows Ruby from outside so she can be fully heard from within the kitchen facing the driveway. Roscoe grimaces and flops down into his chair and eats his cold breakfast looking utterly dejected.

Ruby drove to the autobody shop directly (it was already 8:40 am) and got the quote for the repairs and the invoice for the work was signed, the loaner vehicle was provided. By 9:30 am ruby arrived back home.

“Here is the bill!” Ruby tosses the paperwork into Roscoe’s face as he sat still at the table mumbling his heartfelt appologies with no effect.

“I will take care of this immediately!” Roscoe replies in humble and defeated tone.

“Do that!” Ruby replies, storming out of the kitchen. “I’m going to bed, alone! You get that sofa.” Ruby bellows, Roscoe wipes his face in frustration knowing that there was no talking to her in the mood Ruby was obviously in.

Roscoe called the autobody shop in the interim, provided his credit card for full payment and asked how long for it to be ready. “Three days” the repairman advised.

Roscoe walked down which took about an hour to pick up his vehicle that was having the muffler and brakes replaced along with final paint job to cover the damage and waited for it to be ready to drive home. Supprisingly, Roscoe was not tired from a hard shift at the hotel. It was now 3pm when he realized that he had a 4pm meeting at work! Shoot! I will have to leave direclty from the repair shop and goto the meeting without delay Roscoe mumbled to himself after he paid for his invoice at the vehicle repair shop.

The meeting went well. Roscoe was very thankful to his boss for the job opportunity. His three month probation was at an end. “Welcome to the Hotel.” Patricia his boss said in closing as they both shook hands. “See you tomorrow!” Replied Roscoe.

As Roscoe drove back up the mountain from the hotel he noticed that the tree was fully removed and sat to the side of the highway now. Shaking his head sadly he wondered what he would expect from Ruby upon his return home.

It was now 7pm when Roscoe pulled into the driveway. “Home at last.” Roscoe mumbled to himself shaking his head in frustration. It was time to face the wrath of the Dragon Lady he joked to himself.

As Roscoe entered the kitchen rather than seeing dinner ready the house was an utter mess! “What a pig pen!” Roscoe bellows instead of his usual greeting.

Ruby gets up from watching television “As the Cuppola Turns” bellows from the speakers, her favourite show of the life of a circus producer.

“First you trash my vehicle, then you immediately complain of the mess. I work hard to keep this place up and you show no appreciation at all! No flowers, no candy, no thanks of any sort! You’re a jerk Roscoe! I’ve got a headache and I am going to lay down!” Enjoy the mess honey!” Quips Ruby.

Roscoe realizes that he has been taking Ruby’s efforts at home for granted for over the past several years (because Ruby pointed it out to him) and felt horrible. Roscoe was determined to make things right. He ran out and bought her a diamond bracelet he always promised, flowers, candies (her favouites) and picked up take out Chinese food (also her favourite) brought it home, cleaned up the mess and staged a candle lit dinner for two.

“Ruby dinner is ready and I’m sorry for taking you for granted these last few years.” Roscoe quietly whispered through the closed bedroom door. I will wait at the kitchen table for you… oh it’s Chinese food, your favourite.”

Five minutes passed and Ruby came into the kitchen with a shocked look upon her face. “So you do care Roscoe!” You cleaned the place for us, you bought me flowers and staged a fancy dinner, I’m impressed!” Ruby was now smiling.

Roscoe replies “That’s not all!” He presents her the diamond bracelet he bought for her and kisses Ruby on the cheek. Roscoe whispers “Please sit and eat.”

“Thank you Roscoe, you’re forgiven.” Ruby replies as she sits in her place at the table wearing the bracelet upon her left wrist.