Guns For Hire

Two ranchers are fighting
Each wants the others gold
Both will stop at nothing
Until the others gold they hold
Both spend their money
Tryin’ to do the other in
Guns for hire come a calling
For the bounty on their heads
Many come a calling
Many end up dead
Their endings are all the same
They all end up like this

The sheriff and undertaker
Both sit back with the rest
None shall interfere
As the sun reaches
Noon in the sky
Two men come out of the bar
Both with death in their eyes
In opposite directions
They count fifty paces
Until they draw
Until they draw

Not a sound can be heard
Everyone is silent waiting
To see who will fall
They both pull out their guns
Bang, bang, bang
A hail of bullets going both ways
Suddenly they both start to fall
Both in their place
Their lives are pouring out
All around where they lye
Suddenly they are gone
Their spirits fighting in the sky
Another two shall take their place
It’s their time to die

It’s another’s time to die