The local mortician sighed as he confessed to himself that it had been another busy, depressing day.

He proceeded to the two officers waiting outside the morgue and addressed them with a emotionally detached voice “The burn victims are ready for your identification”. Thus he departed shaking his head sadly muttering to himself about the attraction of an Irish coffee.

The senior officer shook the hand of the constable saying, “Your new, allow me to take the lead of their maybe complications that you might have difficulties with, ok?”

The rookie was confident in her ability replied “It’s alright, let’s proceed.”

Shaking his head in resignation, the Sergeant stepped aside and pushed open the morgue door stating “After you then.”

They went through the process on victim after the next collecting their DNA, finger prints, the works without much in the way of surprises when suddenly the last burn victim decided to sit up straight on the examination table scaring the rookie out of her wits for a moment.

The Sergeant simply commented “Don’t worry, he hasn’t arisen from the dead just yet. This sometimes does happen when rigor mortis sets in.”

The rookie calmed herself and regained her composure and started to again go through the job at hand and proceeded to obtain the fingerprints.

Just as she grabbed the victims hand by the index finger there was a loud snap as the finger came off in her grasp.

Sadly her lunch didn’t taste as good the second time around.

The Sargent simply looked upon the rookie with his knowing stare sadly shaking his head and stating “Surprise! Consider yourself initiated.”