Nature’s Treasures Encased Within Time

The pastel colors of spring
Blowing in the cool breeze
As the sun shone down
Upon the scene of wildflowers
A light dew upon everything
With a strong grass smell
Hanging in the chill air
Nature’s bounty in early bloom
The dew glistening like diamonds
Nature’s wealth on full display
Nothing does sadly last forever
Darkness dies cover all eventually
The scene fades to black
Night slowly relinquishes its grip
As time flows on by
Light chasing away the dark
Revealing nature’s treasures once more
Slowly the weather does warm
The scent of grass outdone
By the fragrance of flower’s
Slowly the seasons do change
Summer transitions into the fall
Multi colored leaves all about
As the temperature cools off
Suddenly you awake to find
All covered in a blanket
Of white cold crystalline powder
As far as the eye
Can see encased within silence.
Finally, time comes full circle
Spring is upon us again.