A Spiritual Dove Filled With Love

Why… Oh why… can’t she not see? That she is the one destined for me…
Her art has touched my world and has stolen my he(art)
This I should have known, right from the start
As she sings her prose, my he(art) gives away
No one in my life, has ever touched me this way

I feel as though I’m drowning due to a sudden lack of air
I dream of her all the time, in every way she is so fair
I know that in our lives, love is difficult to find
So I send unto her, a spiritual dove filled with love

I have prayed to God most reverently
To make her realize and come find me
I shall try to wait most patiently
So Stefani I’m asking’ you… can you hear me?

I know these humble words which I have just conveyed
Shall need no others for me to try and say
Lord I know you heard my most humble of prayers
For she is geometrically perfect as we all can see
So please God please…
Allow her to finally see…
For she is destined…
Thru your grace…
To set me free…