The ice grips the ground creating trails and sheets which make walking and driving a cautionary tale. We tend to be unthankful for the warmth of summer and all the comforts we enjoy during the season, alas, we tend to ignore the present, lost within the prisons of our own design as we scrape and claw out our dreams.

Suddenly, the weather changes into:


The warmth returns a bit at a time, bringing longer days, happier folks as they shed their winter wear. We are thankful for the melting of the ice and snow that takes place but the water tends to turn into a river and the river rises with all the water causing a general mess. Dirt generally clings to all vehicles to such an extent that they look like blocks of sand.

Suddenly, the snow is all gone and we now have:


Hail storms, rain and thunder with a bit of lightening. Gusts of warm wind howling about, cars galore all over the streets racing to beat the red lights, walks in parks, bicycle rides down trails created for this mode of transportation and so much local family fund filled entertainment. Day and night, the city is full of life. Parties, outdoor cafes, bistros dance music cascading throughout.

Suddenly, the weather cools and we are left with:


The leaves upon the trees turn from their green into brown, red, orange, yellow, dark browns and various other colour blends. The wind tends to be cool and the dampness in the air thickens. Mist in the morning tends to turn into fog. Suddenly, you look about and all the leaves have fallen, the trees, bushes and shrubs are in their winter ready appearance.

Suddenly, you realize another year has passed you by and you have: