True Meaning Of Circus

Traveling here, there and everywhere! The sounds of laughter, the smell of hot dogs, pretzels and popcorn fill the air!

Suddenly all goes quiet and a large clear voice begins to spin a tale of mesmerizing detail with the assistance of Shriners, cast, props and crew. Lights, music, food and good will are in abundance. Fun for the entire family is the vehicle being driven.

Ariel acts, hula-hoops, juggling, feats of strength, agility and endurance. Elephants, horses, dogs with their trainers displaying their skills. Let’s not forget the merry mayhem from the clowns!

Suddenly: “Intermission”.

Those who can’t stay depart with heavy hearts and return to their daily lives while most take advantage of the services being offered. Face painting, elephant rides, novelty toys of multiple descriptions and uses as well as the traditional fare.

Suddenly the large clear voice begins to announce “On with the show!”

As people leave the magic of live theatre better known as circus behind their thoughts are of the show and of the joy it has brought to their family.

The paths which these productions travel truly are paved with gold. They not only give their all, have the best of intentions at heart, local groups have directly benefited from their efforts as well as the joy a simple reality break provides for those whom were in attendance.

May all of your days be Circus days!