Will You Ever?

Will you ever come for me?
My love filled dream and fantasy.
Will you ever set me free?
Without you, I fill with agony.
Will you ever do for me?
That which I’ve given for free.

Will you ever?
Will you ever?

I designed your life with love.
Tailored to fit as a glove.
I did not in truth see.
The forest from the actual tree.
I gave for you a fantasy.
Yet others keep you from me.
Most people mistake wealth for worth.
Without our health, what’s it worth?
I have given gifts beyond compare.
Yet, You’re truly not being fair.

In the end, let us begin.
Love must always in reality win.
Never must you expect loves’ return.
For loves something you must earn.
I never have written myself in.
In order for love to win.
Someone has to pay the price.
By paying it forward, being nice.
Actions and deeds win over all.
If you’re true to the call.