Wandering Thoughts BUZZ

It is frustrating to have talent and not have access to other with other talents to harness my abilities. I didn’t participate in Masonry nor the Shrine for money, just from my heart out of love. Sure I have been presented with golden opportunities pertaining to money but it’s not my way. It means more to give than it is to receive in many respects. People talk of kindness, but so few act upon it. Further, my contacts have me in a bind I will not yield my soul pursuing the negative in this life. Yet I love them, regardless of differences in opinion. I tried to make their lives better, not so simple when you consider things as they presently stand. Masonry and the Shrine believe in the same things they just have different sets of participants two separate sets vying to govern the planet. I have been presented with many golden opportunities but I’d rather again work for free with one stipulation, the lives of those I help need to be directly in my life. By my hand they would then receive. Else, I will retain things for myself.