Dating App

Can you imagine working upon a binary project? How can you tell the difference between all those zeros and ones? There was a man who could but over the years what he was after was the love of a specific type of woman. One day, he decided to create a dating program and after about eleven months it was finally ready for his input. Excited, he created his profile and started to input his data when all of a sudden it spat out a match! He quickly the report and got up out of his chair and walked over to the printer at the other end of his office. Weird! It was a happy face made up of zeros and ones! As he went back to his chair he was in deep thought as to what exactly or who set him up! They had his attention now, very excited to have a fresh idea to pursue he sat back at his chair and pondered how to proceed. “Damned if I know!” He muttered to himself in frustration after hours of reviewing his diagnostics that he ran on his program in the background. He resumed his search on his system but realized that he was now locked out of his own personal dating program! “Just who was capable of toying with him at his and on his own level?” He yelled at the top of his lungs at the screen throwing up his arms into the air in pure, utter frustration. “What?!” he exclaimed as he tried the back door and found that it was no longer there. “The computer?!” He quickly with a heated passion started to reopen his artificial intelligence programs that he had set aside in the pursuit of love. “How’s this possible?!” He screamed pulling at the hair upon his head. He started to pace in front of his computer terminal throwing up his hands periodically in the air. “This is just not possible!” he yelled after about an hour. Defeated he sat back in his chair with force which sent him rolling towards his window that face the opposite side of his office tower. Staring out the window for about an hour trying to figure out who had set him up, he looked back up out his window raising his gaze towards the tower across from his building. Weird the lights were flickering on and off in an office window over inn the other tower. “Curious, whose playing with my mind?” He muttered to himself as he rolled back towards his terminal. As he woke up the screen, the face of a beautiful woman appeared upon his screen. “Have you figured this out yet?” She was then laughing and was just as suddenly, gone. Baffled at first, suddenly the flashes across the way from the other office came back to mind. “What?! it couldn’t be that simple could it? He muttered to himself as he grabbed his pad of paper and pencil and proceeded to write down all the zeros and ones (on/off) for about two minutes. “Ah ha!” He exclaimed. The lights turning on and off gave the unit number in the adjacent tower. Excited, he ran out of his office and as quickly as possible made his way over to the other office tower and office in question. The lights were still turning on and off. Suddenly, he became nervous, am I prepared for the woman behind this door? He was suddenly bold, and opened the door. “Finally figured it out did you?” Said a sultry voice with the lights suddenly remaining off. “Come and get some love if you dare!” Was her reply along with a demure chuckle. Some hours later, a pair of programmers left the building together hand in hand into the night. He turned to his love and asked if they were to take his car or hers. She replied in a whisper “Yours.” As they got into his vehicle she quipped “Well I hope I have been able to improve your dating program a bit!” Laughing, he quickly and passionately gave her a kiss on her neck.