“A Broken Master of Puppets”

I’m caught up within a play
Much of which I can’t say
Use or be used,
That’s the way

He tries to get us all
Answering to his beck and call
I bid farewell to you,
Along with your games

I’ve cut the strings of fellowship
I’ve walked away from you today
You’re nothing more than . . .
A broken master of puppets

No matter what we do
No matter where we go
My door has been closed to you . . .

Trust is something earned
The truth of this I did learn
I have replaced my focus . . .
And walked away

So take a look around,
What have you truly found?
You’re gazing toward your future
Through a broken rear-view mirror

Since our friendship’s died
Our paths no longer coincide
I return to working,
Upon my life’s dreams

Can’t you see the cost,
Of what truly you’ve lost?
Self-delusion shall not carry you far.
A broken master of puppets

Sure, you’re great upon the loom
But you can’t see beyond your own tomb
It’s a fine trap constructed
From the remnants of . . .
Broken people, places, and things