“A Lion’s Need.”

Every time
I’m left behind
Looking forward
Within a reflection

Seeing clearly
Without any direction
What’s clear?
You’re not here!

I gave away
Priceless art
Hidden deep within
Love’s design

A precious heart
Artfully dressed
Without any reward
Swallowed whole

Money rules
Greed teaches school
No associations
Break no rules

Here today
Forgotten by tomorrow
Actions define
Own your time

Used for profit
Grand design
Many cut strings
Silent mime

Money carries sin
Hidden hands
In our pockets
Fates sealed

Priceless love
Overcome by greed
Hidden purpose
A Lion’s need

Equal opposites
Yin and Yang
Moving forward
Silently as one

Changing of sides
Fates are sealed
Nature’s harmony

Balance is freedom
Choices define
Win or lose
Precious time