“A Pantomime of Love”

My heart’s been stolen by you.
But I don’t know exactly when.
So I’ve been constantly chasing you.
My ends are a new beginning.
My heart beats, my blood flows.
My pulse quickens, My soul cries,
At the sight of my rose.
I lost control of my mind.

I’m a puppet in a play.
I’m trapped within my little world.
Empty arms outstretched for an embrace.
A pantomime caught in this time.
My mask is on open display.
Truly, I’m a love-filled phantom.
I’ve been burned by a flame.
Embers that are fueled by desire.

I gave toward all who came.
No strings to hold me in.
People share their opinions through association.
Money to shore up their positions.
Hate and love locked on display.
Where do I truly fit in?
A king without a real home.
Trapped in life by empty pockets.

A mind filled with bright visions.
Forsaking money as his heart’s way.
A star without a fixed position.
Caught within a creative’s fluidic space.
A King without any physical entrapments.
If you give from your heart.
You can sidestep your true fate.
Caught within the webs you cast.