“Baby, It Has All Been from Me!”

I’m sorry that you don’t love me
I’m hurting because you want nothing from me
I’m hurting but won’t see me
Shed a single tear for thee (Pause)
You’re a fool without my visions
You’ll wander about without any of my directions
You’re blind and I’ve set you free
So, baby don’t bother thinking of me (Pause)
As your light fades, mine still shines
Sure, I love you, but you wouldn’t give me the time
You’re selfish and now all alone
You’ve been simply unfair with me (Pause)
I’ve encased you from within my art
All I wanted from you was a humble start for us
Sure, I hurt, so I’ve written this down
And framed my sorrow for eternity (Pause)
Your love fades within my heart
Because you ignored my gifts of love from the start
Sure, there’s still time for us
But you’d better act in time (Pause)
Until then, keep dreaming of me
Until we meet, I’ll keep on hoarding my art for me
Can’t you see that we’re bound by love
Sent from God up above (Pause)
I’m filled with sadness in my heart
What’s taking you so long to find my heart?
I’ve left a trail, but I’ve cut all the strings
So, baby, can’t you now find me? (Pause)
Don’t you realize that my love is true?
All I need is one opportunity and then I’d be with you
Spending my life encasing you within art
So, baby, sent my love for you free.
Baby, it has all been from me . . .