“Battered, Bruised and Broken.”

I’m battered, bruised and broken,
Living life like the movie Groundhog Day!
It seems to keep repeating,
What’s in my heart; what can I say?

I’ve put myself back together,
By taking medicine and living off my EIA.

Living life without a spark.
I’ve given away most of my lyrical art.


Yin and Yang are united,
Although they are different like night and day.

I’ve died in many ways.
Giving so that others could have their way.


I truly love them all,
But they have warned me not to care.

How can it truly be,
That a King’s sacrifices are not to be?


Whisper softly:
I’m wounded, nowhere to go.
Trying to heal myself without my true love.

(Back to the top and repeat for a second run-through.)