Be Sincere & Apply Forgiveness

We’re tired of the hate.
Appy forgiveness before it’s too late.
Acknowledge whether wrong or right.
Do you stoke the flames of hate, rather than forgiveness and love?
Love and life can’t be replaced with anger and hate.

Why can’t they simply see, there’s no difference between you and me?
Applying forgiveness is a treasure to held onto above all.
Is your heart hard as stone, Will you reap what you sow?
Be sincere and apply forgiveness, that’s right.

Forgiveness is a treasure beyond compare.
Imagine embracing anger, hate, death and darkness rather than forgiveness and love.
Our fate dances between our decisions we make.
Humanity must unite, for our future to burn bright.
Forgiveness will bring peace to your soul.
Read between the lines and act upon these clues.

Will the curtain fall?
Will it be the end of us all?
Embracing hate, will lead us all into the arms of death.
Why embrace hate and darkness?
Wouldn’t you prefer love and light?
Lying to yourself will not bring warmth back into your heart.

So, close the book on hate, before its sadly too late.
Be sincere and apply forgiveness, that’s right.