“Beat of My Heart.”

Don’t you hear what I hear?
Can you truly feel the rhythm?
It’s the beat of my heart!
Can you see what I see?
Don’t you see into my eyes?
They are windows into my soul!

I’ve been truly waiting
For someone; that’s you
To enter my life
And make me whole

For years I’ve waited
Giving toward other people
And their collective dreams
Trying to actually heal

We are all equal
No one is perfect
But we keep trying
Looking for our equal

My other half exists
I heard her call
My angel to love
Patience is a virtue

I wish to exist
But on my terms
My soul’s my own
It’s not for sale

Life is a circle
Patterns tend to repeat
A map toward heaven
Written within the stars

Art given as payment
Seeking understanding and love
I am the light
She is my night