“Born Anew.”

Chasing angels with selfless acts born from the heart
Looking for a special one to give my art

I will, however, not throw away my precious soul
For greedy pursuits do tend to swallow you whole

What I have created I’ve given most things away
I seek love and understanding to come my way

My heart drinks from my true love’s eternal spring
And in turn I create for others to sing

Many people’s paths have I righted along the way
Yet many haven’t crossed mine, sad to honestly say

I am a master weaver sitting at his loom
Yet death shall eventually be my fate and doom

Will I be remembered for simply answering the call?
Or will the fog of utter forgetfulness simply fall?

Masonry and the Shrine are encased with my love
By working for free healing the rifts up above

I’m the king of old, truly simply reborn anew
But time marches ever on, no matter what I do

So I will leave my thoughts and deeds behind
For many others to simply claim and eventually find

I walk a path alone simply to avoid greed
So I purposefully allow others to play and feed