“Broken Dreams”

So will my true love,
Ever come back to me?
I have given love away,
Taking nothing; can’t you see?
It was a brighter world,
Serving for the greater good.
It was costing my life,
In humble service to humanity.
So, I played my roll,
As king up on high.
In service for you all,
A puppet without any strings.
It has taken from me,
My true love in life.
To have and to hold,
As husband for a wife.
I kept my battles inside,
Yet the pain still grows.
For she is my dream,
My heart’s only true rose.
I’ve lost yet I’ve won,
Giving to all who asked.
And so, I walked away,
Letting go of my dreams.
Faces, places have all changed,
Because I was ill inside.
It cost me many years,
Yet I’ve kept this inside.
I’m caught within a play,
What must I give away?
I truly didn’t really fail,
My soul isn’t for sale.
Blood, sweat and many tears,
Throughout all my empty years.
Can she not see me?
The stuff of broken dreams.

Speak with a sad, sorrow-filled voice at the end: “Broken Dreams, Broken dreams . . . Nothing’s as it seems.”

Videography: A masked man (Phantom of the Opera mask), standing facing the audience with one outstretched hand and the other upon his heart, clasping a red rose, wearing a Shrine fez, Masonic apron. The stage is filled with a low-level fog. The backdrop is many shattered mirrors (Phantom of the Opera-style, with red velour curtains behind. A mirror disco ball spins, casting light onto the mirrors [Illuminate the fog in places underneath]). End with all the light sources fading to black.