“Do You?”

Far too often we deal,
With what we can’t conceal.
We have to blindly reveal,
Our sincere heart felt appeal.

Do you bend?
Do you sway?
Have you found,
Your way today?

Often wrapped within a prayer.
Often we trust a Player.
Hidden truths we often Layer,
As we deal with naysayers.

Do you yield?
Do you conceal?
Have you found
Ways to heal?

I heal by being kind.
Giving to others helps mind.
Actions do tend to grind,
Salve into wounds that bind.

Do you sulk?
Do you walk?
Have you found,
Ways to talk?

I do tend to write,
Often into the darkest night.
Thinking positive toward another’s plight,
Giving silently out of sight.

Do you recall?
Do you live?
Have you found,
A way to give?

Are you sincere and true,
Helping others that are blue.
Friendships are formed with glue,
Kind actions return to you.