“Echoes of Silence.”

Walking life’s path alone, each step echoes silently. Darkness encased within light. Saltwater tears falling, drying upon your skin. You’ve given much away, your thoughtful actions erased. Encased within multiple lies. Misdirection within misperception used at every single turn. Sacrifice through my service is my true reward. Yet love is absent due to my service.

Emotional echoes of silence ripple within my mind. My expression conveys nothing. My voice is absent.

I shall be remembered as a “king with empty pockets” within a conceptual prison of my own design, as others take credit for my actual benevolence.

My service is devoid of most social interaction. My memories are full of love-filled dreams, trapped within the actions of others in trust.

Through not accepting money, you can’t truly exist within the lives touched by your actual service. The prevention of interaction leads to broken dreams.

Time is a constant; fate is ever changing. Therefore, fate can change through perseverance and time if you don’t run out of either.

You must include yourself within your own actions to secure your future and a legacy.