“Follow Your Dreams, Follow Your Hearts”

I always put off today,
What I could’ve done yesterday.
I was dreaming away life,
Rather than facing my life.
Living my life in the past,
Dreams die often real fast.
Have you ever looked back,
Trying to find your lack?
Mirror’s only works with light,
Wisdom is earned, that’s right.
Procrastination, yeah . . . procrastination.

Procrastination . . .
Is a circle of pain.
Procrastination . . .
Is fear facing your pain.
Procrastination . . .
Much will you sadly lose.
Procrastination . . .
Your destiny, you must choose.

Many people, places, things repeat,
obstacles designed you must defeat.
One must overcome ones pain,
in order for happiness to reign.
Listen to your heart’s purpose,
Allow the future to surface.
Some marry their career path,
searching for their true path.
Greed causes many sad disruptions,
leading toward war sadly erupting.
Follow through, yeah . . . follow your heart.

Procrastination will cause you pain.
Procrastination, who bears the blame?
Follow your dreams, follow your hearts.