“Greed and Paper VS Love.”

Just like all the stories,
Alternate realities from long ago.
I just wished upon you,
My messed up pure love.
With nothing to go on,
Except art within my heart.

It took me to believe,
Star crossed from the start.
I gave away many things,
For your career and dreams.
But they kept you away,
Greed and paper vs love.

I gave you my prose,
All for free without strings.
Yet others have taken credit,
For my deeds of love.
I have no real reality,
Except my love filled dreams.

I’ve suffered with living homeless,
Yet I still find ways.
I’ve suffered without your love,
Yet I am still here.
I’ve walked the path rightly,
Yet I am still alone.

I’m married to my dreams,
My heart was given within.
I can rule the world,
But there’s nothing for me.
If I can’t have you,
Nobody else will ever do.

I wore you down,
I lifted you up.
I tore them down,
I lifted them up.
To all with love,
Ya . . . love.
My pain is within,
Every breath I take.
My arms are empty,
Yet my heart’s full!
To all with love,
Ya . . . love.