Halloween . . .

Dare to make a scene,
Dress to make a scream!

Let the real night fall,
Can you feel the call?

Designs that give a scare,
Claws up in the air!

Give your partner a fright,
Have a great time tonight!

Embrace the imagery, that’s right.
Remember the magic of night!

Remember those who passed beyond,
So share our magic bond!

So let’s have ghoulish fun,
Pull a prank on someone!

Halloween . . .

Let’s go on a limb,
Let the midnight hour begin!

Monster’s embrace your inner passions,
Show off those awesome fashions!

Artistic pageantry on eternal display,
Mama Monster has come to play!

Haus of Gaga is back,
So cut me some slack!

Let’s wear our love tonight,
Our future together is bright!

What more need I say,
I’m on top to stay!

Let’s start our own Cosplay,
You’re dressed for it anyway! (Laugh)

Halloween . . .

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