“Heaven Vs Hell”

Heaven’s been subverted by hell
Through the twisting of words
Faith is based upon actions
Framed by words for remembrance
How can one truly recall
That which has been lost?

We base life upon truth
Built upon false, twisted info
Time erases all over time
Hiding the truth from view
Should wisdom be set aside
Closing the circle of life.

Life’s been subverted by death
Through the twisting of words
Darkness thus reigns over light
Perception through a clear focus
Is clear to right wrongs
Have you ever wondered why?

We travel in endless circles
Repeating mistakes over and over
It’s due to the few
Trying to remain in control
This is how life’s lost
Through the ravages of time.

How can we lose life?
Repeating mistakes seals our fate
Talking in circles solves nothing
Darkness thus reigns over life
All the sayings of old
Hide the grains of truth.

By collecting them, Heaven wins
Darkness would be thus eliminated
Heaven’s a way of life
Death is its true opposite
Opposites attract and likes repel
Lies upon lies warp reason.

Eden’s the garden of life
Through wrongs enacted in perpetuity
Life’s been subverted by death
Entire cultures have been erased
Through the sands of time
Caused by changes in weather.

Global warming ushers in death.
Just like chains of dominos
Balance can’t beat the darkness
Only right actions bring peace
War is used justifying hate
Hate brings death toward all.