“Hiram Abiff, True King of Egypt 1554 BC.”

It all began as it usually does opposing views don’t interact well and typically result in conflicts. On one side you had the king and his loyal advisors and on the other you had the nobility.

The pursuit of wealth has always been a sore point with the king. The nobility would try and amass wealth greater than the TRUST. The TRUST in modern times is called the FED. The TRUST prints as much as is needed at the time. The TRUST is, essentially, an extension of the king.

One day, the king had the craziest idea. “Why not replace all the nobility?” While the nobility schemed, “Why not replace the king?”

The nobility combined their resources and assassinated their king and went about systematically eliminating their king’s extended family for measure so no one the nobility did not elect could assume the throne.

In Masonry their king was the focus for the TRUST or the Eye of Providence. All activities of the TRUST flow through this point and this is factual, even today. However, the king is now an honorary position with no direct links to the TRUST and is changed like a pair of worn-out socks. Once they extract as much creativity, which the king is willing to provide for free, as they can. After all, ideas are always appreciated!

This all took place countless times throughout history. Hiram Abiff, the true king of Egypt (in 1554 BC) has been uncovered as factual? Hiram was assassinated for the reason stated above.

Currently, Masonry as a fraternity operates under a charter from the queen, our sovereign in the Commonwealth, and so does the Shrine fraternity.

Although Masonry and the Shrine are separate fraternities due to conflicts as old as history, they have been at odds with each other for an age. Masonry, due to winning World War II, has made it that you must be a Mason in good standing in order to become a Shrine Noble in most parts of the world.

The Shrine has been seeking to re-establish its independence over its membership, but this is difficult under these conditions of attempted amalgamation.

However, both Masonry and the Shrine are already married through their combined memberships. It’s hard not to sin under these conditions.