My life was on the rails, nowhere to turn nowhere to go.
Haunted by the memories of you I can’t find my way out.
Within a never ending dark tunnel I was in for the ride.
Regardless where I would end up living life within a train wreck.
Coming and going like the wind yet caught upon the same track.
No one to take comfort within as silence descended like circling vultures.

Whistle blows letting out some steam yet you’re still within a tunnel.
Not certain of your actual destiny sitting within an empty passenger railcar.
Patiently waiting for the trips end your mind plays tricks upon you.
No idea where you truly are echoes of your past start anew.
It seems like an endless journey when you have nothing to do.
Traveling in a tunnel is depressing time to have a rest for awhile.

You drift off into your oblivion only to wake over and over.
Nothing changed nowhere to really go, suddenly the railcar door quickly opens.
Your waiter arrives with your dinner. You were served in complete silence.
The waiter wearing a facial mask descended upon his tasks without comment.
Dinner was chicken with white wine, sour like your blackened mood.
Turning down your dessert and coffee, all was again silent once more.

Suddenly you arrive at your destination. You realize that your still underground.
Desperate for fresh air you depart. The station was full of activity.
It took an hour to surface. You found the nearest wooden bench.
And dropped into it without thought, taking in a long deep inhale.
Exhaling slowly the cold damp air, rain started to descend very slowly.
Luckily you were wearing your raincoat, you realized that you were alone.

Nothing and no one stirred outside the station was deserted and silent.
Creeping in slowly the fog rolled, covering the ground in its entirety.
It left you feeling uneasy inside; a single solitary man in black.
Was walking off in the distance, hands within his raincoat side pockets.
His approach was slow to come but he stopped finally at your bench.
Staring at you cloaked in darkness, where are you headed kind sir?

You state that you’ve arrived home. You make out his shoulders shrug.
He abruptly turns with a laugh. A hollow feeling within your soul.
Descends upon you as you shutter, you realize you’re the walking dead.
Greeted by the grim reaper himself! “Where am I?!” you suddenly exclaim.
To which the Reaper exclaims “HOME”. You look more closely around you,
the station is within a graveyard. Darkness has brought you finally home.