Hope & Love

’ve known what to do without someone to hold.
I’ve known true love yet I’m still living life alone.
I’ve known the truth behind many different things.
I’ve known how to still smile without her love, prenup and ring.
I’ve known utter sadness when death took people away.
I’ve known depressions grip and darkness along the way.
I’d rather walk alone without her love to call my own.
I’d rather starve myself than to be someone else.
I’d rather face my future with an open mind.
I’d rather give my prose towards helping others along the way.
I’d rather live alone than to embrace hate it the simple truth.
I’d rather wait for her love and hand to enter my life someday.
It brings me pleasure and hope fueling my love filled dreams.
It brings my art to life as I ponder many different things.
It brings me joy to give with love lending a helping hand.
It brings us all closer together and has divisiveness on the run.
It brings to mind that life’s precious and shouldn’t be thrown away.
It brings its own rewards by sharing what I know.
Speaking part:
Hope and love are timeless gifts in life, used to feed our precious souls.
Without giving towards another and hoarding what we know,
we shall live in darkness, reaping what our ignorance has truly sown.