“I Love You All.”

I love; I love my life
And all of those I’ve helped
And I; am thankful to have served
As king; dispensing my art and love
All of it done for free

All that I’ve asked for was love

I love; I love you all
You’re all worth my hurt inside
And I’m; thankful to know my purpose
As king; sewing seeds from my soul
All of it done for thee

All that I’ve asked for is love

I love; I love to help
For giving is my true calling
And I’m; thankful to have healed
As king; working upon unity through equality
All of it done with humility

All that I’ve asked for is love

I love; I love deep inside
My heart and my soul
And I’m; a puppet upon a string
As king; I’ve never asked for the tangible
All of it born from love

All that I’ve needed is love

I love; I love God above
From the deepest parts of me
And I’m; thankful to have been leaned upon
As king; waiting for a prenup and ring
In return for all my art

All that I’ve wanted is love returned

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I love; I love you all
To me You’re all equals
Regardless of sex or race
Common purpose along with reason; life is my justification
And a common currency
Flows within my heart and soul

If we are cut, don’t we bleed
Of love, don’t we all have need
Currency differences are a form of hate
Common laws would bring about peace
And increase our life’s value without any wars

I love; I love you all
With the utmost sincerity
Nothing’s worth more to me
You’re all worth it is the truth . . . 

“Love is What Truly Matters.”

I can’t hide from my many truths
Gone are my memories from my youth
I’ve set aside pursuits from my heart
Forsaken and hidden my talent for art

Now I’m at war within my very soul
I’ve heard the call and know my role
Back are my dreams, born from art
On the trail born from my heart

I’ve had enough of other things
Many of which have a familiar ring
I’m a puppet, yet I’m a king
Without a kingdom, prenup, and ring

Can’t you hear my silent scream?
I’m out of breath waiting for my queen
What must I do for her to come my way?
Perhaps she’ll realize what’s been happening

God, it’s love that truly matters

I’ve helped many with their dreams
In order to bring about love and peace
I’ve promoted equality for us all
Hate has no place in our hearts

Darkness and Light are truly one

I’m caught within a perpetual play
Waiting for her is not my way
Yet of all the flowers on this earth
I’ll show you all my true worth

I’m the rain upon her petals
I’m the sun hidden in the shadows
Yet it’s a bright blue sky
None of us knows our time to die

I have left her a blazing trail
But she’s not bothered to follow it
Too concerned with playing her role
Yet her love is my only goal

Common laws will bring about peace
Common sense would then reign
No one would then be left behind
Hate swept aside though actual love

God why can’t they see our truths

Life is our true wealth that you’ve given
Many books have indeed been written
Yet we seem the repeat the same things
Why must we put up with all of it

Each life sacrificed unto hate our light fades

I’ve been writing from my heart
No lies told right from the start
Through hate our world would fall apart
No future generations to remember our lives

So hurt I set aside many things
Trying to deal with life without a ring
But I’ve never faltered, nor have I failed
I’ll not forsake my life or others for wealth

Through politics you have multiple views
Regardless of where you stand they take
Yes we must pay our way forward
Yet who owns the treasury and our love?

If we always set aside self for another
We would then know peace and love
If we gave from our hearts and soul
Nothing would stand in our way

Monetary must not rule our reality

“Heal The World Through Love.”

Heal the world through love
By treating each other as equals
Let us do away with war
Upon hate let us close the door.

Can you recall true love?
Can’t you forgive each other?
Through hate there is only death.
Our lives are worth so much more.

Heal the world through love
By treating each other as equals
Let us do away with war
Upon hate Let us close the door.

If we simply act through love
By helping others freely from the heart
It will eventually come back to you
And make this world a better place.

Heal the world through love
By treating each other as equals
Let us do away with war
Upon hate let us close the door.

The world through love will unite
And our future shall burn bright . . .