I’m Living Out My Dreams

o now, my dream draws near.
And I shall rejoice, within her embrace.
My friends, dreams do come true,
I’m telling the truth, I’m truly certain.
I’ve given away in this life,
Helping others, without any strings.
And more, with love in my heart,
I gave my art away.

The regrets I have,
Are not worth the time to mention.
I sacrificed for the greater good,
And I did so, with the best of intentions.
I tried to erase my pain,
By facing my creative side.
And more, with love in my heart,
I gave in every single way.

Yes, the time is now, of this I know.
I must share the light from within my soul.
And say out loud, through all my pain.
That the greater good, through love must reign.
I will face it all and share out loud.
And within my heart, my treasures found.

I’m a humble man of modest means,
Who stumbled upon love within his dreams.
So now, I’m sharing how I feel.
Embracing my art that I’ve concealed.
Just so, that you all know…
I’m living out my dreams.
Yes, I’m living out my dreams.