I’ve Spent My Time

My problems they keep coming
Weighing heavily upon my mind
Trying to simply move forward
Through acts of being kind
I’ve turned and walked away
Hiding what I can do
Trying not to take anything
Remaining humble, silent, and true
I’ve spent my time, walking my imaginary line.
My issues they keep coming
Making me sad and blue
Dreaming of a better tomorrow
By spending time with you
Looking for my true love
To have and to hold
Building through love a family
As moments keep moving on
I’ve spent my time, making a fricken dime.
My thoughts they keep coming
As I see them through
Trying to turn them over
Making other things come true
I’ve spent my time alone
Living life on the road
Selling tickets truth be told
A circus to simply behold
I’ve spent my time, wishing you were mine.
My dreams they keep coming
No matter what I do
They have me truly hoping
That I’ll make my way to you
I’ve given many things away
To heal my bruised soul
Giving your all takes a toll
I’ve spent my time, yeah, I’ve spent my time.