“Just Because”

Just because I served as your king
Just because I want a prenup and ring
Just because all I want is your love
I’m waiting for her is the truth
I’m waiting for so long lost is my youth
I love; I love; I love . . .
Deep from within my soul.

You’re my world as a whole
You’re the reason in my soul
You’re the beat of my heart
You’re the reason for my art

As the seasons come and go
As the time seems to flow
As my days pass on by
As my art begins to fly


You’re the love within my heart
You’re love’s hidden within my art
You’re the best part of me
You’re the reason I gave freely

As the years come and go
As my art seems to flow
As my tears have dried away
As my fears have bled away


You’re the best part of my life
You’re the one I need as wife
You’re the desire in my soul
You’re the one making me whole

As I await your love’s return
As I await, I do learn
As I embrace my art myself
AS I reinvent my old self