“Keep Your Cool No Matter What”

I first saw her today on the TV
A plate of salad the focus of her ire
Secretly, she was being goaded
A local game show was capturing the play at hand
They finally made the woman lose her cool
The waitress was rewarded with a swear


I saw her the other day in concert
Dancing and singing to what I wrote
I found my dream. . . . Oh, yes!
I found my dream!

Fast forward to today, looking back
Upon my life’s sad direction
Illness has robbed me of my true love
So, I’m confronting my hollow past
You never can tell when true love will appear
But without it, you’re nothing, least of all whole
My heart will eventually sing in celebration
When I have her to hold within my arms
Oh, yes. . . .

Gone is my youthful appearance
My blondish hair is now fully gray
I’ve gained weight due to my depression
All the while I’ve hidden what I’ve needed to convey
Money has controlled her directions
Sadly, she hasn’t seen this simple truth
I monthly must go into Costco
Swallowing prescriptions galore for my sanity

Gone are many of my memories
Dead are many of my friends
Sad that my love’s been rejected
Alone I shall live my life until the end
For true love isn’t a game of pretend

(End with repeating the refrain then fade out)

Never can you get all that you want
Never can you get all that you need
But if you keep your cool, no matter what
You’ll win in more ways than one