“Living Life Alone.”

I am so lonely.
Sitting here at home.
No one to turn to.
Nowhere to go.
In this moment forever.
My frustration.
Living life,

I’ve chased my dreams.
A specific woman to love.
Encased her with my art.
Looking for a start.
Sadly, fates took a turn
Away from my directions.
Who can say when.
If we will meet again.

My writing’s from the heart.
About my bad romances.
They were all one direction.
And they reached their conclusions.
So I am all alone.
Staring sadly at my telephone.
A life lacking motivation,
And opportunities for participation.

I’ve given much away.
To direct true love my way.
To fuel my burning embers.
That my soul remembers.
Just trying to heal inside.
From life’s many losses.
That I no longer hide.
Even if I were to try.