“Love & Respect.”

Sometimes, my simple words just seem to flow;
Yet at other times I just don’t know.

Many of my life’s questions I have forgotten;
Yet I do recall some from my past.

I lost the sound from my childhood songs;
Yet I still write from within my heart.

Many friends I have lost along my travels;
Yet many do I still hope to meet.

I have dreams from my soul that I hide;
Yet others have walked away from my side.

Sometimes, I wish upon my dreams through love;
Yet nothing is truly sadly as it seems.

Pull back the veil of lies through love;
Yet I’ve given trillions away for your love.

God knows that I have suffered in silence;
Yet I’ve never given up on your love.

I’ve moved both heaven and earth to tears;
Yet I’ve kept my existence humble through love.

Will you finally understand the king that I am?
Yet out of love and respect I’ve given.