Many Wandering Thoughts 

Life is precious, beyond any physical material worth.
Some do things throwing away their priceless soul.
Some do things for another making them whole.
Although I face my life with empty hands.
I will continue throughout whatever God silently demands.
There are many challenges along life’s twisted path.
Do you succumb to defeat or rise and take a stand?

Many loose lips spill lies along the way.
Many are bitter trying to have a say.
Many are corrupt trying to drag everyone down.


Some pray for selfish things taking a knee.
When your backs turned, some deploy a knife.
Greed and selfishness does swallow many lost souls.
Regardless of what I lack I’m truly whole.
I’ve carried many burdens deep within my soul.
Some weave their desires through another’s bloody hands.
What’s your religion, your belief in any faith?

Many live their lives in silence, day after day.
Many trip and fall while using broken crutches.
Many are simply used, lost in another’s design.


Consider, are you presently whom you really are?
Consider, every person has their wants and needs.
Do you sacrifice your worth, honor and soul?
Many faiths twist words to enslave a believer.
We each have opinions held close and dear.
Morality shouldn’t be policed, it’s a personal journey.
The individual determines their own precious life’s worth.

Many are the issues we all must face.
Many will move forward leaving most others behind.
Many wandering thoughts have indeed swallowed me whole.

Would you trade your soul for material gain?
The decision is truly in your two hands.