“Masonic Structure”

I have chosen to try and provide a summary, taking into consideration that most have developed a more introspective/retrospective understanding through the time spent with those of like minds and from what I have been privileged to bear witness to date.

The following are my humble thoughts and opinions (understanding), based upon my journey to date.

THE WORK (Implementation of the Grand Design):

The collective efforts of Masonry are subtle and complex.

Fellowship through the guiding principles set forth within the dramatizations illustrated and augmented through the use of allegory. (Strength)

The creation of works for the public good using charity.

To provide those that are on the path with the tools necessary to continually try and exceed their current limitations and to build a path for those to follow.

Through the first three, we can now influence society. Everyone becomes a Masonic tool. They will automatically start to look at their jobs and employers with a different eye. Further, they will set positive examples of how people are to conduct themselves and provide positive influences on other like-minded people that have not yet joined the Masonic masses. A moral compass for the collective masses.

Through the above four points, future generations of brethren will gain wisdom and the cycle shall repeat and renew itself.
(Structure is maintained.)

Foundation, Faith, Facts, Fraternity, Freedom, Future

For a building to withstand the tests of time, it must first be built upon and provided a solid foundation.

Faiths through times of hardship are a prerequisite for its maintenance.

Facts provide insight for the expansion of knowledge in order to expand the structures.

Fraternities provide the specified crafts / trades in which progress can be encouraged.

Freedom is the coins paid to reward the collective and encourage further progress and future expansion as well as understanding.

“This Masonic building stands in another plane and is seen only from within the mind’s eye. Our minds and ideas are the bricks and mortar used in its construction. Our individuality is the building in which it stands upon this plane. Our lives are its mirror/reflection.”


“In order for a person to be able to fully appreciate the gift that MASONRY represents; these terms are actually part of the steps climbed as illustrated within our lessons. Each step is represented by certain groups of degrees.”


Provided to all that seek it, a template in which we can strive to become closer to the image of the Supreme Being (SB) “Grand Design.”


This word has many faces/facets; all are in use and at play; morality is the term used to describe our common drive to leave to those that follow an example of how one should morally be. Through the allegorical, intellectual templates are made clear again to those that can see them. All forms are consistent; they provide guidance to help all overcome any difficulty they may face. At the same time, they contribute to the existing metaphysical structure.


As one truth expands our reason, truth is dependent upon the accumulation of facts. This is done through research in all subjects. Since our collective reasoning is the bricks and mortar, it stands to reason that the more we learn, the stronger the mind and brick.


The collective energies spent toward collective Masonic progress. Fellowship encouraged through fraternization, sweetened by a lump of mirth.


Through the sacrifice of time spent, your grasp of the tools becomes more readily honed and easier to wield. This, over time, enhances productivity of the collective since none of us works alone.


Always strive toward the creation of another to replace yourself. In order to properly maintain the existing structure, is one of the keys. The more bricks you create, the more the structure will be encouraged to expand upon its own.

Through the above process, these teachings shall endure; a legacy of morality, showcased through common affections shall provide the reflective surface required based in truth founded within like minds’ projections.


In closing, too often in life, too many see but too few act! The more I seem to do for others, the more I receive. How is this possible? SB’s “Grand design” is at work, obviously.

Everything taught makes one realize their own potential to aid others and I strive toward bettering them (myself included) and improving upon their own self-worth based upon these lessons.

Far too many place their efforts upon hoarding material wealth. Too often, they sacrifice their health, time, families, and friends without ever doing anything of note. In the end, we all must leave it all behind for others to go through. What did they contribute to society? Perhaps nothing has been worthy of note and they lye forgotten within the rot and decay sewn through their ignorance.

Through MASONRY we shall find all our answers.

I thank you, my brethren, for the opportunity to convey what my interpretations of what you have taught and for taking the time to read my submission. I hope that it is satisfactory and worthy of note, a proper tribute to the collective. I do not mind if this is openly shared, this is how we learn, this is how we grow.

Warmest regards to all!

“The Master blueprints upon all that we build is founded assisted through the “Work” and its process (the 6 F’s).”


MASONIC: “Men Affiliated Serving Others Nobly Including Country”

MASONS: “Methods Architecturally Sound On which Nations are Served”