“My, My, My . . . Time Does Fly.”

I can hear her coming now.
Right from out of the blue.
I can see her coming now.
A rose that’s in full bloom.

I’ve hardly been wrong now, right?
My heart won’t turn the page.
I’ve changed with the many seasons.
Yet my soul has truly grown.

Why is it that we’re losing time?
They’ve truly not been really fair.
I’ve given my career away truly.
Why do you not seem to care?

I found you in this world.
Filled with all of our sins.
All I’ve truly ever really wanted.
Was your hand, where to begin?

My eyes mist with many tears.
My mind plays upon many fears.
My hair’s now showing many years.
My, my, my. Time does fly.

(back to the top and repeat a second run-through)

My, my, my.  Ask yourself why?
Love’s my reason . . . Why did you . . . pass me by?