Nature Encased Within Moments of Time

“Springtime is my favorite seasonal change.
With it comes the flowers return.
There are many types of them.
Some captivate with their bloom.
Others use their intoxicating natural aromas.
All are a sign of spring.
My favorite flower is the rose.
Roses, roses, all the world’s roses.
Any color it does not matter.
Pastel petals immortalized within my mind.
Enhanced by the fresh fragrant air.
Love does indeed spring ever forward.
The beauty of all the roses,
are akin to works of art.
Heaven created such beauty as gifts,
just to encase us with love.
Alas, booms do not last forever.
Time erodes all within its embrace.
The seasonal progression is constantly changing.
Nature encased within moments of time.
Summer and its rays of warmth.
Followed soon after by the fall.
Suddenly a blanket of white arrives,
preparing for spring to arrive again.
This is the circle of life.
Take the time to enjoy it.”