Why, oh why can’t they not see . . .
That through their actions, they are murdering me
As hard as I try I might as well lie and die
They take what little is left of me
I attempt to build a house for my own
But the man says “You owe me money”
And throws me out the door
Oh why can’t they see . . .
Their actions are murdering me.
I go through life trying each door . . .
But in the end all you hear is the slamming, same as before
Oh why, oh why can’t they all see?
That through their actions, their murdering me.

I am now 40 plus years old
I have no home of my own, same as before
Nothin’ I seem to do makes me happy that is true
Makes me happy but oh, how I try; I’ll try as before.
You and I may tread separate paths
You may have wealth; mine didn’t last
Oh I’m sure there are those more worse off than me
But as you can see, their actions have murdered me.

I go on day after day, trying to reflect upon what happened to me
So I can lend a hand to another and pull them up
I try to ensure those around me suffer . . .  not.
Why, oh why do others murder me?
Because they want what you got and they’ll take it
They don’t care. They go on through life
Talking the big talk that’s true
But in the end you’ve got Nothin’
They become Nothin’ to you!

Because you can’t take Nothin’ with you
You have to leave it behind for others to go through
And in the end when those light beacons and you’re called
Nothin’ but silence will be left for all . . .