Nothing in life is truly free

Open with the sound of our stock markets opening for business; setting of the video can be on the NYSE floor)

The ringing of the bells.
Our collective worth does swell.
When our profits rise lining our wallets.
(pause) Nothing in life is truly free.
Fueling the markets bottom line.
Our hopes rise and shine.
When our profits soar funding our dreams.
(pause) Nothing in life is truly free.
A sudden negative market turn.
Has all our stomachs churn.
As we all experience the Feds rising rates.
(pause) Nothing in life is truly free.
As our collective profits fall.
Some experience a market call.
For every profit loss, there’s a hidden reason.
(pause) Nothing in life is truly free.
Spoken at the end of the first run through only: “This process repeats every business day.”
(Back to the top, repeat for a second run through)
Spoken at the end:
“Some millionaires are indeed made.
Yet, some end up broke and played.
Because win or lose this is about control.”