“Nothing is Free!”

Don’t you see, that you’re mine.
All I’ve given, time after time.
Working for free, nothings for me.
Doing what’s right, from my heart.

Healing your heart’s, with my giving.
Encasing you within all my art.
I’ve truly erased my very existence.
To show you, what loves about.

Can’t you see, I’ve worked freely.
That I deserve love not hate.
Life is precious, truly worth living.
My true love’s, trapped by fate.

Nothing in life, is truly free.
I have failed, yet I’ve won.
Through our love, yours and mine.
As a focus, sent from above.


Will you return it to me?
Don’t you see, you’ve hurt me.
Nothing in life is truly free.
Will you come back to me?
Will you turn away from me?
My love’s priceless, can’t you see?
Will you give back to me?

(After the second run-through, the refrain changes a bit, as follows)

Will it return, back to me?
Don’t they see, they’ve hurt me?
They say that I’m now free.
From both the Shrine and Masonry.
My love’s priceless, can’t they see?
Will they give back to me?