Why do people fight, throughout each day and night?
Throwing away their lives, weighs heavily upon my mind.
Life’s a priceless gift, nothing else truly does compare.

I’m writing this piece, for peace to once again reign.
Love’s to be embraced, for war and hate solves nothing.
I gave my art, to heal everyone’s hearts.

Reasons for their fights, are due directly to inequality.
Forcing people to migrate, to improve their lives.
If it were up to me, I’d setup things differently.

It’s truly sad you know; people reap that which they sow.
Currency differentials sadly enslave entire cultures.
Diminishing the infinite value of our collective lives.

We must simply unite; there’s no reason then to fight.


Remarkable, your voice has touched my soul.
Remarkable, with your love I’d become whole.
Like a fairy-tale, with love my heart set sail.
Just from a thought of your hand in mine.
We’ve yet to have met, but upon you my heart is set.

Remarkable, I’ve given towards you from my art.
You’re my dream, my love filled fantasy (fantasy)
That’s whom you truly are to me,
You’re beyond remarkable, it’s true.


So, take a moment and look back on your life,
I’ve given you mine, as a husband towards a wife.
It’s all been simply remarkable (remarkable)
For eternity, I’ve built your life’s love filled fantasy.
A living opera of which I’m your benevolent phantom.
Because you stole my heart, right from the very start.
Think on this woman, my love’s remarkable too…