“Sanities Kiss.”

You did us a favour by leaving
Even though it left me reeling

I ran away with a circus
In order to create my purpose

My sanity is built upon reflection
On top of all the rejection

Looking for love that will last
I have embraced my empty past

Sanities kiss was in kindness
It cured me of my blindness

Saved me from my own destruction
Now the foundation in my construction

My mind and heart filled with purpose
My face is like stone on the surface

Looking for my life’s true direction
Embracing my needs for her perfection

Event production is now my past
Age is slowly creeping on fast

I now embrace my art each day
Rather than simply giving it away

You have no idea what I have done
But I really can’t tell anyone

Some believe in nothing but hate
I will leave them to their fate

The worlds built upon perception
Some use the art of deception.