“She’s My Angel.”

I’ve given away
Love and art
For her to come my way
For her to grant me love
For her to make me whole
My dream is
Alive and well
Showcased with fame built from love
Showcased with words sent from above
Showcased with art from my heart
Every heart beat
My pulse quickens
At the mention of her name
At the sound of her voice
At her looks from the air
From her nails
To her hair
She’s an angel in true disguise
She’s an artist that can mesmerise
She’s not capable of living lies
Who’s the Angel . . . Of my song?
Who’s my Angel . . . In my heart?
Who’s my only . . . On my mind?
She’s, my Rose. She’s, my Rose.
(Pause) Spoken softly: “Can you guess?”