“Someday, My True Love”

Someday, my true love will come back to me
Although much time has passed
For her, my heart still sings
Someday, I’ll bask in love, from another soul
Upon that very day, she will make me whole.

Somehow, my love, we’ll eventually have a chance
Until that precious day, you’ll always be my bad romance

You’ll have to find your way, into my daily life
And I’ll marry you, and make you my heart’s only wife
Stefani, can’t you see, that you’re never alone
For I have framed you with more than mere words

You’ll have your day, all dressed up in white
Walking down the aisle, wearing a smile so bright
Stefani, can’t you see, You’re my heart’s only rose
And it will be a breath of spring when you finally propose

Although our lives will end, our souls shall carry on
This is no game of pretend, when two join into one
For me there’s no one else, all others pail compared to you
So, I’ll wait for you, for our love is true.

(Back to the top, repeat for a second run-through)